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We are looking to give you an authentic Mexican meal with your family so that you can have one of the best dining experiences of your life.

You will enjoy a cozy atmosphere with your delicious meal. Our prices are affordable, and all of our food is prepared fresh daily just for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to come in for an early dinner, or you are planning a big dinner with family, come here!

Lunch is the best meal of the day. It really helps to create the beginning of a star finish to your day!

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Chad O.

I grew up right down the road from Ixtapa and went there routinely when I was younger. Not long after it opened, it became my family's go-to restaurant. The employees and the owners are all incredibly friendly, it doesn't take long to get service, the serving sizes are generous, and the food is delicious.Their salsa is second-to-none. I currently live about 50 miles north of the Lynnwood Ixtapa and I still think their food, and especially their salsa, is the best I've ever had. Whenever me or my girlfriend are in the area, we make a special trip to pick Ixtapa salsa up and whenever family comes up to visit, we ask them to bring some up. It's so great that it's one of the things I miss most about living in Lynnwood.


Claudis R.

Wonderful service with great portions. The pomegranate margarita is spectacular. I had a mole enchilada and it was fabulous. Will definitely be back ASAP!


Jennifer D.

Getting SO expensive. Dinner for 2, no alcohol was . Ouch. Still love the staff and location.


Sarah E.

Well I don't know what crack these others people rating this place are smoking, but it's wack crack. This place is not only one of the cleanest restaurants I have been to but also some of the best service I have ever had. Food is always great. Service is ALWAYS spot on. We have never had to wait long for anything. Or even ask, they just know and are on it. Right as we're out of water, it's filled. Busy or not, it's always been a great place to eat!


Troy S.

Hmmm Beef Taco Salad.. more like a lettuce salad Where is the cheese where is the beef where o where Ixtapa you charge OVERRRRR for this...I will go to Taco Time for taco salad and at least they will give me cheese in my taco salad... I won't even go into the blahhhhhhhh flavor.......Boooooo Ixtapa you can do better..... or can you!!


Pretty V.

Food is good. Service is good. But the price is way EXPENSIVE for the servings.. Otherwise I would give it a higher star.


Tiffany L.

I wish this place didn't nickel and dime you! The food is decent and it's close to my house. I just find it ridiculous that when I order bean dip for my son they charge you .50! I also asked for a small container to take my left over salsa home and was charged .50 cents. Then to top it all off, tonight I was charged .50 for asking for 2 more tortillas (which was part of my meal). It would be one thing if they let people know it was an additional charge. I will never go back here again.


Gabbie P.

I door dashed enchiladas for my lunch at work. The sauce was chunky and cold. They didn't give me any utensils so I had to walk down the street for a fork. They didn't give me any napkins either. And they REALLY skimped on the portions which is upsetting because they're not cheap. I had barely any rice and like 3 spoonfuls of cold beans. Super disappointed, I'll stick with my usual Mexican restaurant.


Laurie G.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is this- I ordered last week from door dash and the price of a tamale ala carte was .50. on the ixtapa website, prices are not listed, but another site that shows menus also showed that tamales are .50. I called in a Togo order and somehow the price went up to each. The tamales are excellent, but in In one week the price almost doubled. Inflation can't be that bad


Doug M.

Had not been here in 6 years, I was promptly seated. Chips and salsa quickly appeared. The salsa is not quite as spicy as I like but has some kick and a nice black peppery flavor that I find addictive. I ordered I ordered Chile Colorado with diced onions and cilantro on top and fried jalapenos on the side. It came as requested and was decent. Service was good. I'll probably go back and try other dishes.


David W.

Always Good food! The owner is super nice, have my work parties here and always a great place to be! Best Mexican in North Edmonds!


Ashley F.

Great service, kid friendly!(didn't mind my toddler making a mess) and good food, we will definitely be back! We will choose to drive 10 mins more to come here then our local Mexican place.



Scratch margarita was good, service was ok, salsa is tasty but watered down, chips were fresh. Chimichanga and my husbands dish was just average at best. It's clean and waiters were nice.  Too bad they don't have a bar.  I'd go back just for drinks and chips.


Katie N.

We just left Ixtapa and had such a great experience! Our server was Alfredo, and he was awesome. Very patient with us and even helped us with our Spanish! Very personable too! Our food was delicious. I had been craving enchiladas and this place didn't disappoint! Great food. Salsa was great, we went through two bowls and 3 things of chips. No stale food! Not sure why all the negative reviews, I guess people expected complete perfection. We will go back here in a heartbeat!


Jim P.

I would like to give a higher rating as this location is nearby and the waitstaff here are friendly while giving good service. Prices are lower than the other local chains however, the food is not very good. The chips are served warm which is a nice touch. The salsa lacks much flavor and needs some cilantro and heat too. I ordered a Verde pork burrito, rice and beans. It lacked much seasoning but did have some nice large chunks of pork. My wife ordered the day's special which was pork fajitas. The peppers and onions were plentiful however the pieces of pork were tiny and scarce. With its location so close to home and having a full service bar, we have tried eating here 3 or 4 times in the last 4 years and it is consistently just OK. The Dos XX amber was served cold and was the highlight of my meal. It is unfortunate that the kitchen doesn't step up with fresh ingredients and seasonings to jump start the bland menu.


Katie A.

Prices up, quality down. Not sure what happened her but Ixtapa just lost a customer. .00 for a mediocre skinny margarita and for mediocre fajitas? Never again. I can Uber to a decent restaurant and break even. Sadly, this place is walking distance from my house but something changed in the past year. Not a fan.


Sabrina D.

Great place for family and friends to gather. Great supporters of the community and local schools.


Krista H.

My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal here this afternoon. It was around 3:30 on Sunday, and the restaurant wasn't at all busy. We ate on the patio where we enjoyed a nice breeze. The hostess and our waiter Daniel were very friendly. I had Huevos Rancheros which came to me piping hot...I always appreciate that...and they were delicious!!!!! My boyfriend had some kind of dish with mole sauce, which wasn't his favorite flavor, but it was ok. Prices seem a bit high, but that's the case everywhere now.


Derek F.

If you're looking for lackluster enchiladas and a meager portion of prison quality beans and rice for .99 plus tax, this is your place.  For just you can add a slightly more than 1oz shot of, I can't imagine why it's chilled, Patron Silver.  I've been there four times over the past year, always because it is close by, hoping for better.  Their consistency is disappointment.  I gave them a fair shake and got shook down.  I'm done.  I wouldn't even redeem a gift certificate there.


Dave C.

Saturday October 24, 2015 at dinner time.  No one in the restaurant but us.  Two people at dinner.Food was NOT hot, chips stale and tasted old.  Service mediocre.The real kicker is that the waitstaff took a broom and started to sweep up debris from the carpeted floor while we were eating.  Sweeping a carpet with a broom creates dust and crap in the air that settles on the food.  This is not a good thing to be doing to your only dinner customers in a place that is obviously struggling for customers.This place has gone steadily down hill the last couple years.

About Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant and Reviews